Time Bombs

Time Bombs

At the height of the Cold War, 40 young Canadian soldiers were sent to Nevada in the spring of 1957 on a top secret mission, to serve as guinea pigs for the military in a nuclear test field. Most of these young men were under 20. Wearing only their cotton uniforms, they played 'war games,' sometimes less than 1000 yards away from exploding nuclear bombs. They then marched toward ground zero while nuclear dust settled on them. When they left Neveada in the fall of 1957, the soldiers of the Queen's Own Rifles were scattered. Under oath of secrecy, they were not to talk about their experience with anyone! Several soldiers fell victim to radiation, and children were born with birth defects. Today, 50 years later, the few soldiers who survived are fighting for justice. And the Canadian Government is trying to bury the affair. In this real-life thriller, Jim Huntley, the only veteran still in good health, puts his case to the government and confronts the politicians.

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Guylaine Maroist
Éric Ruel
Guylaine Maroist
Éric Ruel
Guylaine Maroist
Réal Bossé
Vlasta Vrana
Pierre Brisson
Guylaine Maroist
Véronique Morin
visual research
Ginette Beauchemin
Éric Ruel
director of photography
Steeve Desrosiers
Douglas Munro
Jean-François Perreault
Adam Heelis
Louis Léger
Margot McMaster
Igal Petel
Éric Ruel
Éric Ruel
sound editing
Louis Dupire
Éric Ruel
Stéphane Castonguay
François Savard
Stéphane Castonguay
François Savard
Jean Paul Vialard
music research
Hugo Paradis
Éric Ruel
Intermède Musique


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