The Trembling Veil of Bones

In this animated short, a lone clockmaker named Bones sits inside a darkened studio filled with the sounds of ticking clocks. He parcels out his time in teaspoons and shadow, until the arrival of a mysterious package propels him to leave his refuge.

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Film Credits

Matthew Talbot-Kelly
Matthew Talbot-Kelly
Bryan Quinn
Nicky Gogan
Martin Rose
executive producer
Tracey Friesen
Matthew Talbot-Kelly
director of photography
Tim Fleming
supervising editor
Eugene McCrystal
3D animation
Teemu Auersalo
Andy Clarke
Ronan Coyle
Erik Ellefsen
Matthew Talbot-Kelly
2D animation
Andy Clarke
Matthew Talbot-Kelly
Simon Vincent
costume design
Catherine Fay
Tom McInerey
sound recording
Jim Fleming
story editor
Danny Stack
music composition
Viviane Houle
Stefan Smulovitz
vocal words and phrases
Jacqueline Rogers
sound design
Steve Fanagan
Caoimhe Doyle
sound mix
John Fitzgerald

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