Tête à Tête à Tête

This short animation film tells the story of three heads who share a single body. The heads live in perfect harmony until one day... one of them begins to have a mind of its own. The film playfully explores how we're all "connected" but at the same time need to think for ourselves and respect differences.

This film is part of the ShowPeace series of lively animated films about conflict resolution. This series has received support from UNICEF and Justice Canada.

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Marv Newland
Marv Newland
Svend-Erik Eriksen
Marcy Page
picture editing
Haida Paul
sound design
Normand Roger
original music
Normand Roger
sound editing
Pierre Yves Drapeau
Andy Malcolm
Goro Koyama
Shelley Craig
executive producer
Rina Fraticelli
David Verrall


  • soulsister98

    “Has a very good point behind it <3 ” — soulsister98, 13 Oct 2010

  • tacatal001

    “hehehehehe really funny” — tacatal001, 6 Oct 2010

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