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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip implants in humans: modern day convenience or a slippery slope to surveillance society?

Tagged is a short documentary that introduces us to the debate over RFID chips, touted as a tool with invaluable medical applications by its supporters and denounced as the death knell for civil liberties by privacy advocates.


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Film Credits

Shawney Cohen
Mike Gallay
Shawney Cohen
Mike Gallay
Shawney Cohen
Mike Gallay
Lea Marin
executive producer
Silva Basmajian
director of photography
Chris Mably
original score
Jim Guthrie
Shawney Cohen
Mike Gallay
Devinder Paul Singh
Chris Mably
Mike Gallay
location sound
Scott Bell
Stephen Cabana
Steve Dranitsaris
Mike Gallay
Jason Milligan
Mark Stepanek
Richard Taylor

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