The Sweetest Embrace: Return to Afghanistan

This full-length documentary tells the story of 2 Afghans who return to Afghanistan in search of their families after a 16-year exile. Like many Afghan children, Soorgul and Amir were sent to Tajikistan during the Soviet occupation of their country. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the civil wars that broke out on both sides of the border left the children stranded, unable to leave the country until Canada accepted them as refugees.

The Sweetest Embrace tells an intimate story set against one of the world's most harsh and yet beautiful landscapes, in a land where life has been shaped by war and hardship but where spirit remains resilient.

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Najeeb Mirza
Najeeb Mirza
Bonnie Thompson
Adam Symansky
Najeeb Mirza
Joey Calugay
Jimmy Bustos
Najeeb Mirza
Jimmy Bustos
Najeeb Mirza
sound editing
Leopoldo Gutierrez
Farangis Nurulla
Najeeb Mirza
archival research
Elizabeth Klinck
Nailya Okda
Lise Wedlock
Shelley Craig
Amirdad Alamunbek
Soorgul Roy Sakai


  • marmalade

    “We can relate to these two young men and contrast our Canadian lives with theirs. The journey home - with unforeseen stops along the journey. The breakdowns on the rocky roads. We compare this with are smooth trips, where our biggest problem is only being trapped in departures, or taking a wrong turn on our paved roads in North America. We only know of Afghanistan from news clips. This film helps show a priceless side to reality - that no fictional movie could do. This is the culture and humanity of the country we want to see. We can take the best from all cultures.” — marmalade, 29 May 2011

  • Francesca63

    “Thank's to Najeeb Mirza and NFB for enabling us to witness the hard road back home in Afghanistan for those 2 young men. The film really captured the beauty of the scenery and and allowed me to further discover the way Afghan live in this part of the country. It succeeds to engage the viewer emotionally through the characters' sharing their and a happy destiny intimate thoughts and hopes. Best of luck and a happy future life to Soorgul and Amir.” — Francesca63, 5 Nov 2010

  • grannylin46

    “ After just reading Greg Mortenson book Three Cups of Tea and then having then being able to view The Sweetest Embrace that gave me even more insight into the Afghanistan people and there lives. At times heartrenching but still full of hope. I truly have learned something today Thank-you.” — grannylin46, 4 Nov 2010

  • jmatlin

    “@saffronmeerkat - Sorry - technical difficulties. The film is now working.” — jmatlin, 29 Oct 2010

  • saffronmeerkat

    “"sorry this film is not available"????” — saffronmeerkat, 29 Oct 2010

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