Surviving Progress (Clip 2 - David Suzuki & Jane Goodall)

Surviving Progress (Clip 2 - David Suzuki & Jane Goodall)

                                    Surviving Progress (Clip 2 - David Suzuki & Jane Goodall)
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This feature documentary connects the financial collapse, growing inequity and the Wall Street oligarchy with future technology, sustainability, and the fate of civilization itself. Inspired by Ronald Wright's bestseller A Short History of Progress, Surviving Progress digs deep into human nature and patterns of history to challenge and redefine the very idea of progress.

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  • kruscito

    @Lilliput --> Alliance Canada is distributing this film, so we don't have a release date yet. I'll keep you updated!

    kruscito, 16 Nov 2011
  • Lilliput

    When may I expect to purchase a copy of the DVD of surviving progress?

    Lilliput, 14 Nov 2011
  • kruscito

    @zarya and @Deacon68 --> Surviving Progress is currently in its festival run. When we have a more concrete public availability timeline for the film, we'll let you know!

    kruscito, 19 Sep 2011
  • zarya

    I am looking forward to seeing this in Edmonton. When will it be released and where? The moment it is on media I would like to submit it for acquisition by the University of Alberta Library. This would be a great aid in many classes.

    zarya, 16 Sep 2011
  • Deacon68

    After this screens at TIFF is there any information on when and where it will be available to the public?

    Deacon68, 13 Sep 2011
  • John Kennedy

    Quite intrigued by this film... looking forward to watching it.

    John Kennedy, 11 Sep 2011