Sunshine and Eclipse (1927-1934)

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  • 28 min 57 s

This short documentary is an overview of the events that marked Canada between 1927 and 1934. It shows a confident and prosperous Canada expanding in all directions until the stock market crash of 1929. Despite it all, Canada maintains an optimistic outlook. The period is witness to bargains by mail order, extremes in women's fashions, political seesawing, hockey broadcasts by a very youthful Foster Hewitt, and the word "quintuplets" in every headline.


William Weintraub
William Weintraub
executive producer
Nicholas Balla
Michael McKennirey
Karl Duplessis
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Margaret Ellis
George Kaczender
Nicholas Balla
George Croll
Ted Haley
Eldon Rathburn
Joan Edward
Malca Gillson


  • crazybitch123

    “ugh it was aight ” — crazybitch123, 30 Oct 2013

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    “I've watched worse...” — DanDaMan97x, 21 May 2013

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    “the bennet buggy ” — canadianmonster, 30 Sep 2012

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    “i like this video... i guess.... had to watch it for a school thing ” — preggo420, 17 Apr 2012

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