Street Musique

Animation exprimant la nature élémentaire d'un groupe de jeunes musiciens et montrant le pouvoir de la musique. Le film plaira aux spectateurs de tous âges, mais surtout à ceux qui aiment l'entrain des jeunes, les brusques envolées ou les tendres accents de la musique populaire, et les promenades dans la rue. Film sans paroles.

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Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin
Simon Leblanc
Pierre Provost
Cameron Gaul
Roland Newton
Rick Scott
Dick Tarnoff
Rick Stone
Rick Watson
Jim Colby
Jon Van Arsdell


  • Pamz0r

    “I can understand your point of view, however - I strongly believe that animation like this has a timeless quality. It doesn't matter how many times I watch this, I have such an appreciation for the art of animation and the creativity involved in delivering a beautiful piece such as this. And you can't forget, this was about expressing the power of music - the sound is equally as important as the animation, especially in this instance. By saying the most interesting part is the B&W footage, you're clearly not fully understanding the value of the artistry.” — Pamz0r, 13 Mar 2013

  • sprockets

    “II thought this was okay back in the '80s. Now, as I re-watch it, I find it hard to maintain attention very long. The most interesting segment is that involving B&W footage of actual people. The rest seems unfocused, like aimless doodling.” — sprockets, 18 Mar 2011

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