Stories from Our Land - Inngiruti: The Thing that Sings!

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In Pangnirtung, two elders reminisce about the dances held in their community 50 years ago. One of the elders is master accordion player Simeonie Keenainak, and pretty soon he is making toe-tapping music with his instrument. In this celebration of the pleasures of music and dance, Keenainak plays for the enjoyment of friends, family and the community at large.


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  • NFB_Moderator

    “@Katedu--> I've contacted the producer of the film and he was unable to answer. He did suggest contacting an Inuktituk speaker for the answer. Sorry we couldn't be of more assistance!” — NFB_Moderator, 23 Apr 2015

  • Katedu

    “Does the word they are using mean "song" (as in with lyrics) or does it mean "tune"/"melody"? Are there separate words for these two terms in Inuit dialects, the way traditional instrumental musicians who speak English differentiate between them? (The general English-speaking public often uses the word "song" for an instrumental tune, but most musicians I know don't do that.)” — Katedu, 7 Apr 2015

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