Stories from Our Land 1.5: If You Want to Get Married... You Have to Learn How to Build an Igloo!

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There’s a lot happening in the Arctic. Canadians are talking about environmental, geopolitical, military and cultural issues, and Stories from Our Land: 1.5 adds engaging voices to the discussion. The Stories program gave 6 Nunavut filmmakers the opportunity to create a 5-minute short that followed a couple of key guidelines: Each film had to be made without the use of interviews or narration, and it had to tell a northern story from a northern perspective.

If You Want to Get Married... You Have to Learn How to Build an Igloo!
In the spirit of the 1949 NFB classic How to Build an Igloo, this film records Dean Ittuksarjuat as he constructs the traditional Inuit home. From the first cut of the snow knife, to the carving of the entrance after the last block of snow has been placed on the roof, this is an inside-and-out look at the entire fascinating process.

Filmmaker Allen Auksaq lives in Iqaluit.

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  • tonigoree

    “This is the best film ever. I love it.” — tonigoree, 8 Jul 2014

  • billythreerivers

    “very neatly MUST be married. nice job allen on the clip.” — billythreerivers, 10 Apr 2013

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