Spirit of the Trees: Malama 'Aina

This segment explores the intimate relationship Native Hawaiians have with the land and all living things. Included in this piece is the touching story of how the Tlingets of Alaska gave the Hawaiians three giant sitka spruce for a traditional outrigger canoe because they had no trees large enough left on the Islands. Botanists, ceremonial hula dancers, artists, healers, navigators and others describe how indigenous Hawaiians are struggling to save their cherished land.

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Film Credits

Floyd Red Crow Westerman
executive producer
Shannon Ramsay
Catherine Busch-Johnston
Catherine Busch-Johnston
cultural consultant
Maria Pearson
educational consultant
Janette Monear
Catherine Busch-Johnston
Janette Monear
Catherine Busch-Johnston
makeup artist
Sara Chameides

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