Six: Inside

Director Carrie Haber delves deep into the anxiety, thrill and uncertainty of six aspiring animation artists as they are plunged into the twelve-week trial-by-fire that is the NFB's Hothouse for animation filmmakers.

Film Credits

Carrie Haber
Brandon Blommaert
Philip Eddolls
Neely Goniodsky
Sara Guindon
Sylvie Trouvé
Jim Verburg
Luigi Allemano
Karla Baumgardner
James Braithwaite
Michael Fukushima
Alison Reiko Loader
Donald McWilliams
Geoffrey Mitchell
Maral Mohammadian
Janet Perlman
Steven Woloshen
Carrie Haber
Carrie Haber
sound recording
Enda Callan
Luc Léger
Geoffrey Mitchell
executive producer
David Verrall
Michael Fukushima

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  • Janist

    “ Loved the six shorts AND the chance to see inside Hothouse. My husband was a graphic/commercial artist-started on the way to fine arts, but in the 70's and with a family on the way... Congrats to the young animators and to all the NFB staff for carrying on the dream!” — Janist, 12 Mar 2013

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