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In an age of social media, 50 people forego their need for privacy and discuss a multitude of personal subjects on camera, ranging from the funny to the heartbreaking. From their stories emerges a human mosaic with which we can all identify, one that celebrates the diversity of life. An atypical, free-form ensemble film, Self(less) Portrait (Autoportrait sans moi) breathes new life into the documentary genre and serves as a fascinating compendium of raw emotions.

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  • rosebud

    “après tout l'experience de Danic Champoux (14 ans comme cinéaste) et l'aide qu'il a reçu ce document est plate et vide parce que 1.le montage est tellement simpliste n'a aucun sense. 2. Les participant on tous un disposition d'inconfort envers le voyeurisme du SCRIPT? 3. Des effets speciaux??? Voyons donc!!! 4. Pierre Langevin et NON picollo. Le resultat = 0” — rosebud, 12 Apr 2014

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