Satellites of the Sun

Film animation and a knowledge of outer space bring to the screen this spectacular, awe-inspiring view of our solar system. Staggering distances are eliminated through the art of film: before our eyes is displayed the wonder of the universe. Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Earth and all the other satellites and lesser matter in space are seen in amazing detail and perspective in their eternal orbits around the sun.

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Sidney Goldsmith
Sidney Goldsmith
executive producer
Wolf Koenig
animation camera
Raymond Dumas
Cameron Gaul
sound editing
Ken Page
Michel Descombes
George Finstad
Eldon Rathburn


  • Oclegg

    “One of my all time favourites from the NFB, a psychedelic film under the veneer of a science class documentary. Despite the disjointed manner in which the solar system is explored, Goldsmith evokes an awesome, sublime and dangerous universe. As this is 1974, I see this fitting in wonderfully with the prog rock movement and concepts like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the moon. I'd also class this under Hard Science Fiction and have no doubt Board of Canada were influenced by NFB content like this.” — Oclegg, 1 May 2013

  • Twoism

    “I love these short films, they inspired a Scottish electronic band called Boards of Canada who have taken a lot of inspiration from the sounds and visuals of these short films. Thank you national film board of Canada for these great, and imaginative animations and films. Peace, Twoism.” — Twoism, 20 Mar 2012

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