The Sand Castle

This short animated film features the sandman and the creatures he sculpts out of sand. These lively creatures build a castle and celebrate the completion of their new home, only to be interrupted by an uninvited guest. Cleverly constructed with nuance, the film leaves interpretation open to the viewer. The film took home an OscarĀ® for Best Animated Short Film.

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Co Hoedeman
Gaston Sarault
executive producer
Pierre Moretti
Jacques Drouin
Normand Roger
sound mixer
Jean-Pierre Joutel


  • lonecat

    “beautiful and imagentive. ” — lonecat, 19 Nov 2014

  • paniccr

    “That was fun! ” — paniccr, 4 Nov 2012

  • kcarlton11

    “I do not understand the "deeper" meaning of this video” — kcarlton11, 5 Sep 2012

  • redoak

    “Hey that was great! Sand castles and objects being made!” — redoak, 27 Apr 2012

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