Runaway (Trailer)

Runaway (Trailer)

                                    Runaway (Trailer)
| 45 s
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Cordell Barker, director of the Oscar®-nominated films The Cat Came Back and Strange Invaders, is back with Runaway. Set to the rousing music of Ben Charest (Triplets of Belleville), this animated short takes you on a journey that is both funny and disastrous.

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  • director
    Cordell Barker
  • animator
    Cordell Barker
  • writer
    Cordell Barker
  • original music
    Benoît Charest
  • cast
    Richard Condie
    Leonard Waldner
    Muriel Hogue
  • sound designer
    Howard Rissin
  • mixer
    Howard Rissin
  • producer
    Michael Scott
    Derek Mazur
  • executive producer
    Michael Scott
    Derek Mazur

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    TAO7HORUS, 8 Nov 2016
  • sawback

    Fantastic. And a favourite of my 6-yr old daughter's.

    sawback, 22 Dec 2013
  • John Kennedy

    Cracking examination of society in a microcosm we're all too familiar with. Thank you

    John Kennedy, 7 Feb 2013
  • pwdk

    Great loved it :)*

    pwdk, 8 Jul 2012
  • birchgal

    Thanks again Cordell - love your work. Cant help but be reminded of our present political scene with our present federal government ....

    birchgal, 18 Apr 2012
  • Felipe_Carrelli

    Love the dog!! just a simple anoying black blur with teeth!

    Felipe_Carrelli, 13 Mar 2012
  • pietrod21


    pietrod21, 2 Nov 2010
  • pietrod21

    BESTTTTTTTTTTT shot ever make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is toooo good!!!

    pietrod21, 2 Nov 2010
  • maxgreen

    Yeah this is the world as we know it,a train wreck you can't stop.The guy in charge cuts out,the heroic little guy tries to save it,but he can't do it alone.The partiers do their thing,the rich guys want to save themselves,but in the end we all are in this together.

    maxgreen, 10 Oct 2010
  • rumpole

    just fun

    rumpole, 14 Mar 2010