The Right Candidate for Rosedale

The Right Candidate for Rosedale

This short documentary records Anne Cools’ 1978 run for the Liberal Party nomination in Rosedale, one of Toronto's largest and socially most diverse federal ridings. The film records her bid for political power, and explains the nomination contest, a basic step in the Canadian electoral process. Because she was competing against the Liberal Party's preferred candidate, the nomination battle in Rosedale turned into one of the most innovative and fascinating in the history of Canadian politics.

Film Credits

Bonnie Sherr Klein
Anne Henderson
Margaret Pettigrew
Bonnie Sherr Klein
executive producer
Kathleen Shannon
Pierre Letarte
Joseph Champagne
Claude Lefebvre
Anne Henderson
sound editing
Abbey Jack Neidik
Hans Peter Strobl
Adrian Croll
Bronwyn Drainie

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  • sixam

    “People need to be educated about the proper roles of federal, provincial and municipal government. A lot the problems people complained about in the film are not within federal authority.” — sixam, 20 Mar 2014

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