Referendum - Take 2/Prise deux

October, 1995. The most important political event in recent Canadian history, the Quebec vote on sovereignty, is about to unfold. During the tense days leading up to the referendum for independence, 23 filmmakers from the NFB's English and French documentary studios take their cameras into the streets and homes of Quebeckers. Culled from 250 hours of footage, Referendum is an emotional portrait of a profoundly divided society. In a collage of powerful moments, the video recaptures the emotions of that time and measures them against today's political agenda. Implicit is the question: What next?

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Stéphane Drolet
Jacques Vallée
Adam Symansky
François Beauchemin
Jean-Thomas Bédard
Dean Brousseau
Bruce Clayton
Paul Cowan
Zoe Dirse
Wes Doyle
Stéphane Drolet
Martin Duckworth
André-Luc Dupont
Louis Durocher
Ivan Gekoff
Louise Giguère
German Gutierrez
René Sioui Labelle
Martin Leclerc
Stefan Nitoslawski
Nigel Markham
Cheryl Sim
Susan Trow
John Walker
Julie Warren
Richard Wilmot
André Boisvert
Hugo Brochu
Diane Carrière
Jeff Carter
Yann Cleary
Louis Desparois
André Dussault
Don Ellis
Simon Goulet
François Guérin
Nick Huard
Douglas H. Kayes
Craig Lapp
Don Paches
Shawn Reed
Alex Salter
Yves St-Jean
Alain Tremblay
Michael Zabitsky
Catherine Van Der Donckt
Babalou Hamelin
sound editing
André Chaput
Serge Boivin
Geoffrey Mitchell
Anthony Rozankovic


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