Ready When You Are

This short documentary takes a frank look at the difficulty of filmmaking before the digital era, when takes were precious and few. It’s pure havoc on a pier in the Halifax dockyards as a National Film Board crew attempts to film 1000 Halifax school children playing I Believe in Music on their ukuleles. The crew's efforts are confounded by two destroyers, one helicopter, several tugboats, bullhorns, walkie-talkies, and a rather critical lack of bathroom facilities.

Film Credits

Douglas Kiefer
John N. Smith
John N. Smith
executive producer
Ian McLaren
Rex Tasker
Tony Ianzelo
Douglas Kiefer
Les Krizsan
Kent Nason
Ted Haley
Claude Chevalier
Fraser Steele
sound editing
André Galbrand
Donald Douglas
Michel Descombes

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