The Promised Land

This feature-length fiction, originally produced as a television miniseries and based on the novel Nuages sur les brûlés by Hervé Biron, explores the colonization of northern Quebec during the Depression-era 1930s. These historical dramas relive the toil, hardship and unexpected rewards of the pioneer. Folk singer Félix Leclerc appears in each episode. Part I: Encounters with the inhospitable wilderness while clearing a townsite. Part II: Struggles for leadership; log cabins are built and the women arrive. Part III: The dangers of frontier life: forest fire, accident, anxiety about bankruptcy, lack of tools, hard labour. Part IV: Big steps forward: the curé brings in teachers and is in turn presented with a new, though rough-hewn, church.

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Film Credits

Bernard Devlin
Bernard Devlin
Léonard Forest
Guy Glover
Victor Jobin
Georges Dufaux
Michel Belaieff
David Mayerovitch
Raymond Le Boursier
sound editing
Bernard Bordeleau
Ron Alexander
Georges Bouvier
Roland Bédard
Roland d' Amour
Camille Ducharme
Pierre Dufresne
J.-Léo Gagnon
Lucille Gauthier
Jean Lajeunesse
Félix Leclerc
Nana de Varennes

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