L.A. Theatre Works: Pride and Prejudice

This radio play from the L.A. Theatre Works series presents Pride and Prejudice, a play by Jane Austen. The sparkling tale of the Bennets, a family blessed with 5 daughters and a mother desperate to marry them off. The tempestuous pairing of the witty, independent Elizabeth and her arrogant but honorable suitor Mr. Darcy sets the standard for all great couples of stage and screen in this full-cast dramatization of Jane Austen’s classic romantic comedy.

Recording top screen and stage actors in state of the art productions, L.A. Theatre Works transforms great works of theatre into intimate, compelling, and sound-rich plays. Its Audio Theatre Collection is the largest of its kind in the world.

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Meryl Friedman
Susan Albert Loewenberg
Jane Austen
Kate Burton
Melanie Dix
Elizabeth Laidlaw
Frances Limoncelli
Miriam Margoyles
Bradley Mott
James Sie
Joao de Sousa
Sandy Snyder
Kevin Theis
Steve Totland


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