PowWow at Duck Lake

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  • 14 min 30 s

This short documentary depicts a discussion at Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, in which Indian-Métis problems are presented before a gathering of Native and white community members. Essential issues such as schooling and the lack of opportunities for Native youth are on the agenda.


  • dumoulins

    “I admit that I should never claim to understand what First Nation, Inuit and Métis people have experienced because of the ignorance of gouvernement policy.” — dumoulins, 22 May 2014

  • onickamo68

    “it's amazing how this is out there and yet the abuse still continued for our ppl back then, and from catholic priests and nuns, this is why i am not happy that i am a roman catholic, i follow my traditions to this day!” — onickamo68, 2 Dec 2012

  • acimow

    “This is my community! I am so thrilled to see this, 45 years after it was filmed. A lot of old faces, what a gem. Would love to learn more about the "Challenge for Change Programme" and the events leading up to this day ” — acimow, 11 Mar 2012

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Film Credits

David Hughes
Douglas Kiefer
D'Arcy Marsh
Hans Oomes
Kathleen Shannon

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