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Having suffered the loss of their plane, three pilots inexplicably find themselves stranded in the middle of the desert. While following the perilous and unpredictable course that will ultimately lead them home, they fall prey to visions and must confront the siren call of their own strange fantasies.

With Pilots on the Way Home, Priit and Olga Pärn (Divers in the Rain) have created a new, satirical meditation on male-female relations. The film tackles masculinity and the male psyche with the same pointed sense of the absurd that has marked Priit Pärn’s previous films. Pilots on the Way Home is also a journey through time and space, and to the universal sources of artistic eroticism. Olga Pärn is a master of the art of animating sand, giving Priit Pärn’s unique line drawings a warm and subtle texture reminiscent of etching. Her work is perfectly matched to the impassioned beats of this tale.


Priit Pärn
Olga Pärn
art director
Priit Pärn
Olga Pärn
script writer
Priit Pärn
sound designer
Olivier Calvert
music composer
Robert Marcel Lepage
Priit Pärn
Olga Pärn
character design
Priit Pärn
Priit Pärn
Priit Pärn
Urmas Joemees
digital imaging specialist
Pierre Plouffe
Lise Wedlock
sound recording
Geoffrey Mitchell
Serge Boivin
executive producer
René Chénier
Kalev Tamm
Julie Roy


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