The People of the Book

This short documentary explores the realities of Canadian Jews dwelling in smaller urban centers. Filmed in the northern Ontario towns of Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay, The People of the Book provides insight into the ancient pattern of ceremony and belief practiced in the synagogue and shows the efforts of Jewish communities to perpetuate their culture and traditions.


Felix Lazarus
Felix Lazarus
Roger Blais
executive producer
David Bairstow
David De Volpi
Claude Delorme
David Mayerovitch
sound editing
André Galbrand
sound mix
Jean-Pierre Joutel


  • midnightangel

    “as a small girl i was blessed enugh to meet a woman who was jewish she was the only one left in her family all perished in awshwitz i probably messed the spelling up but i am positive you know of where i speak she lived next to my grandmother on the west side of buffalo here in the states as we know childern will always ask questions why this or that she was making motza balls for soupi happened to see the numbers tatooed on her arm . she told me of a time in her life newly married and living next door to her family in poland when some verry naughty men as she put it moved them all to a new home that wasnt verry nice . she spoke of this other man who was verry kind to them and helped them as he could this man is known to all oskar schindler again excuse my terrible spelling this womans loving ways have remained with me through my life and helped get me through some verry tough spots while not a jew by practice or birthright my heart will always be i have seen the gentiles point of view thank you for sharring who you are you8r sister in the states barbara evans a.k.a midnight angel” — midnightangel, 15 Mar 2011

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