Pen-Hi Grad

Pen-Hi Grad

                                    Pen-Hi Grad
| 27 min
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This documentary short is about Penticton, BC, and what happens when students from the only high school in town graduate. Most know that job opportunities and higher education lie elsewhere, most likely in Vancouver. So, for one memorable week, they go through a whirlwind of formal ceremonies, wild celebrations, hi-jinks and farewells that involve the whole population of this Okanagan Valley community.

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  • director
    Sandra Wilson
  • editing
    Sandra Wilson
  • producer
    Ian McLaren
  • photography
    Jean-Pierre Lachapelle
  • sound
    Jacques Drouin
  • editing
    Claude Duquette
  • sound editing
    Bill Graziadei
  • music
    Larry Crosley

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  • diamond482

    I was 12 years old when this was produced and Penticton was only a summer vacation place. It was nothing but a sleepy little town and a place to gather in the summer time. For better or for worse I watch it grow into a small city. I can't help but think the longer it takes progress to come, the better, yet I understand how it's hard for those who grow up there. I have no answers, just feelings, and when ever I think of Penticton I just smile and feel happy. To me its a small piece of heaven on earth. If I was ever lucky enough to win a lottery, the first thing I'd do is buy the first house that came up for sale in front of the beach and lake on lakeshore and call that my home until I draw my last breath ! Penticton is a special place for me in my heart and full of many memories, good and bad. But I still smile every single time.

    diamond482, 23 Jul 2017
  • jhodson

    So cool to see the clothes and hair styles of that era.

    jhodson, 6 Apr 2017
  • BillBrown

    Great quality! Great Film! I was in the Pen Hi Grad class featured in this film - thanks Sandy Wilsn!

    BillBrown, 27 Nov 2011