Notman's World

This documentary short is a portrait of Canadian photographer William Notman. Photography was still in its infancy when he opened his first studio in Montreal in the late 1850s. He rapidly turned his art, and a budding technology, into a highly successful business. Within 5 years he was appointed Photographer to the Queen. Not content with doing mere portraiture, he saw photography as a means of documenting history. With the use of props in his studio, composite photographs, and calling on his background as a trained artist, Notman immortalized the people and places of Canada.

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Albert Kish
Albert Kish
William Brind
executive producer
Colin Neale
Barry Perles
animation camera
Pierre Landry
Robin L.P. Bain
Hans Oomes
Yves Gendron
sound editing
Bill Graziadei
Diane Le Floc'h
Hans Peter Strobl
Graeme Decarie
Nora Hague
Rosina Fontein
Chris Crilly


  • SkylerBear

    “I was wonderful to find out, through this film, who William Notman was and about how photographs were taken back in the 1800's. I only last week googled Notman Studio Halifax NS to find out who took a photo of my grandfather. Some Halifax Notman Studio photographs are in the NS Archives. ” — SkylerBear, 10 Mar 2012

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