The Next Big Thing - Los Angeles

The Next Big Thing - Los Angeles

In this feature documentary from The Next Big Thing series, 3 Toronto comedians have made it to Los Angeles, the final leg on their journey to make it big - but only one of them succeeds.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

Film Credits

Murray Battle
Andrew Clark
Gerry Flahive
Tim Kirkwood
Peter Walker
Mark Irwin
Murray Battle
Ali Kazimi
Don Spence
Pierre Letarte
Tony Cucciari
Timothy Pocius
Alister Bell
Jocelyn Belzile
Shaun Majumder
Jason Rouse
sound recordist
Ao Loo
Daniel Ferland
Steve McNamee
Robert Fletcher
Sanjay Mehta
Galen Handy
Jeff Rosa
Zac McFarlane
sound editor
Steve Munro
David Drainie Taylor
Timothy Mehlenbacher
foley artist
John Thompson
re-recording mixer
Steve Munro
Timothy Mehlenbacher
senior producer
Silva Basmajian
executive producer
Louise Lore
Sylvia Sweeney

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