New Faces Come Back

New Faces Come Back

| 28 min

New Faces Come Back shows the part that plastic surgery played in giving disfigured servicemen a chance to resume normal lives. The story is told from the point of view of a Canadian flight engineer who has been injured in a plane crash. The onlooker lives with the young airman through the whole process of his physical treatment, his social readjustment during convalescence, his appearance in public again, his treatment by English friends and, finally, his boarding the boat for home, hope and anxiety struggling in his heart. Some of his old buddies are on the deck. They not only recognize him but welcome him joyously. We know that if the home folks do as well, his chances for a happy return are good.

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  • director
    Richard Jarvis
  • producer
    James Beveridge
  • script
    Cecil Maiden
  • camera
    Fred Crouch
  • narrator
    Vincent Paquette
  • music
    Louis Applebaum