Montreal by Night

This short film showcases the city of Montreal on a summer's night. What was once a small Indian village is presented as a pot-pourri of contrasting sights and sounds. It is North America's second largest port and, after Paris, the world's largest French-speaking city. With its warehouses, offices, homes, clubs and amusement parks, the city serves as a bright backdrop for a happy couple out on the town.


  • ethan_hines

    “Hey NFB it's time to re-do this film in it's entirely based on the night life in Montreal now in 2012! I would love to see the difference.” — ethan_hines, 16 Sep 2012

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Film Credits

Jean Palardy
Arthur Burrows
Sydney Newman
Roger Racine
Lorne C. Batchelor
Nicholas Balla
Louis Applebaum
Gratien Gélinas
Juliette Béliveau
Jean Lajeunesse
Janette Bertrand

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