Go head-to-head with an icebreaker. Plunge down a twisting mountain gorge. Soar through the clouds in the nosecone of a jet, then speed along with a dog team as it races across a frozen Arctic lake. A sweeping, moving tribute to Canada's stunning geography and rich cultural heritage, Momentum leaps off your screen--and touches your heart.

Momentum wowed audiences from around the world when it premiered at Seville, the greatest world's fair of the last quarter century.


  • carolon

    “En effet, très intéressant à montrer à une classe de français langue seconde au Québec. Connaissez-vous d'autres films dans le même genre à montrer à des immigrants en francisation? Merci!” — carolon, 9 Mar 2013

  • Robert919

    “J'ai trouvé Momentum très intéressant.” — Robert919, 19 Apr 2012

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Film Credits

Colin Low
Tony Ianzelo
Mark Zannis
Ernest McNabb
Jacques Drouin
Michael McKennirey
sound editing
André Galbrand
Danuta Klis
Eldon Rathburn

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