Mistress Madeleine

Part of the Daughters of the Country series, this film, set in the 1850s, unfolds against the backdrop of the Hudson's Bay Company's monopoly of the fur trade. In protest, some Métis engage in trade with the Americans. Madeleine, the Métis common-law wife of a Hudson's Bay Company clerk, is torn between loyalty to her husband and loyalty to her brother, a freetrader. Even more shattering, a change in company policy destroys Madeleine's happy and secure life, forcing her to re-evaluate her identity.

Film Credits

Aaron Kim Johnston
Norma Bailey
executive producer
Ches Yetman
Anne Cameron
Aaron Kim Johnston
Ian Elkin
Leon Johnson
Judy Krupanszky
Norma Bailey
sound editing
Gloria Thorsteinson
Wojtek Klis
Clive Perry
Pierre Guérin
Ken Charlette
Victor Cowie
Harry Daniels
Mireille Deyglun
Makka Kleist
Jerry Martin
Neil Munro
Winona Stevenson
Dennell Swampy
Alan Williams

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  • storyrm84

    “it was about the strength and resilience of Metis Women.” — storyrm84, 11 Feb 2015

  • tp19872007

    “I did not understand he main idea of the film. can any one tell me” — tp19872007, 14 Feb 2012

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