The protagonists of this animated short are Russian dolls, also known as matryoshka dolls, or babushka dolls - sets of beautifully painted wooden dolls of decreasing sizes that nestle one inside the other. Here, the dolls dance, twirl and swirl to Russian tunes before hopping back into the mother figure.

Film Credits

Co Hoedeman
Co Hoedeman
Dorothy Courtois
Joseph Koenig
Claude Delorme
Co Hoedeman
Jana Bendova
Donald Douglas

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  • Snodgerino

    “Another fantastic short by Co Hoedeman ” — Snodgerino, 12 Oct 2011

  • Ceelilly

    “As a small child in the 70s, I always enjoyed this one! Throughout my adult life, whenever I see any of these dolls, I remember this film fondly.” — Ceelilly, 29 Jun 2011

  • sunface

    “what fun this one was! I was always the littlest - I can relate! It has worked out well in the end - for both of us.” — sunface, 5 May 2011

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