Making Every Moment Count

Dr Leora Kuttner, an award-winning filmmaker and an international expert in pediatric pain management, brings us this groundbreaking and comprehensive look at the emerging field of pediatric palliative care.

At the film's heart are five remarkable young people who speak with profound clarity and wisdom about being alive and their approach to death. Layering their stories with interviews, the film is a unique portrait of how families and professionals can come together during a highly emotional time to share in decision making, address fears of death and provide hope.

Dr Kuttner's films have been recognized by the Association for the Care of Children's Health, the Health Sciences Communications Association, and the National Council on Family Relations.

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Film Credits

Leora Kuttner
Lori Roth
George Johnson
Lori Roth
Leora Kuttner
executive producer
Lori Roth
Leora Kuttner
Rina Fraticelli
story editor
Dennis Heaton
Pieter Stathis
sound mixer
Scott Aitken
sound recordist
Scott Aitken
George Johnson
Robert Smart

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