The Mad Canadian

This short film follows stuntman Ken Carter on the stock-car racing track, where he engages in crazy activities, such as driving his car off a ramp over a parked line of cars. Take a wild ride with Ken as he prepares for his act.

Film Credits

Robert Fortier
Robert Fortier
William Brind
executive producer
Colin Low
Andreas Poulsson
Claude Delorme
Michel Descombes
Ben Low

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  • mdeschenes

    “He's mad for real” — mdeschenes, 13 May 2014

  • wtaguy

    “I saw Evel Knievel & Ken Carter perform at Worcester, Massachusetts in September 1977. Ken Carter was billed as "Ken Carter The Crazy Canadian".” — wtaguy, 25 Sep 2011


    “I remember when Ken Jumped at Atlantic Speedway. My Dad, Jerry Lawrence, was the track announcer and is shown in the video. Ahh, gone are the days of thrill shows. they were great while they lasted. Although, Paul Ridell still travels the US and Canada” —, 3 Nov 2009

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