Lost Action: Trace

This short film addresses the revolving cycles of human conflict through contemporary dance. Celebrated choreographer Crystal Pite and dance filmmakers Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer commemorate the fading legacies of WWI, while also creating a moving homage to Pite’s mentors and contemporaries, whose lives and short careers are pitted against the fleeting nature of the dance art form. Featuring Theodore Ushev’s haunting and distinct artwork, the film explores the themes of conflict, loss, and rescue we all experience as we cycle through states of love and war.

Warning: Although this film was shot in 3D, the streaming and downloadable versions are available in 2D only.


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Film Credits

Marlene Millar
Crystal Pite
Philip Szporer
Marlene Millar
Crystal Pite
Philip Szporer
Crystal Pite
Eric Beauchesne
Peter Chu
Yannick Matthon
Anne Plamondon
Jermaine Spivey
animation artistic director
Theodore Ushev
Owen Belton
Michael Wees
Dominique Chartrand
Joanie Lapointe
Linda Chow
Marlene Millar
sound editing
Don Ayer
sound mixer
Jean Paul Vialard
sound effects creation
Karla Baumgardner
Eric Beauchesne
Malcolm Low
Yannick Matthon
Victor Quijada
Fred Casia
David Seitz
Kat Baulu

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