Canada Vignettes: Log Driver's Waltz

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This lighthearted, animated short is based on the song "The Log Driver's Waltz" by Wade Hemsworth. Easily one of the most often-requested films in the NFB collection, Kate and Anna McGarrigle sing along to the tale of a young girl who loves to dance and chooses to marry a log driver over his more well-to-do competitor. Driving logs down the river has made the young man the best dancing partner to be found.


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  • Jay_Laverty

    “I appreciate what you mean canDarian, but I am an ex-pat living in the UK and am grateful for the fact that this content from our childhood is available to view on line. I have been able to show my kids the films I was treated to as a child in Canada. the film board can be proud that children in other countries like England have the ability to discover the Canadian experience through such a wonderful website like this. Fair play that the film board has the option to make money from these films, but my kids have watched this, the sweater and the cat came back for free and enjoyed just a little of the Canadian experience. I miss my homeland everyday and am glad I have the opportunity to give my children the chance to get a taste of what it means to be a Canadian. ” — Jay_Laverty, 29 Dec 2014

  • MelBennett

    “Working class nostalgia: "To please both my parents I've had to give way, And dance with the doctors and the merchants and lawyers; Their manners are fine but their feet are of clay, And there's none with the style of a log driver."” — MelBennett, 28 Jul 2014

  • simulacrum

    “Is nostalgia wrong, unprogressive?” — simulacrum, 12 Apr 2013

  • BigHim

    “A very sweet film...” — BigHim, 1 Sep 2012

  • “This wonderful film is an extremely well-done and entertaining work. I remember when it was screened on TV. I loved it then and I love it still. Canadian history dull? Don't ever believe such nonsense. Thank you NFB.” — inspired, 21 May 2012

  • email

    “I love it :)” — email, 18 Feb 2012

  • Chris_P

    “Just love this animation. My wife's favorite too!” — Chris_P, 16 Mar 2011

  • piaka

    “Such a Canadian treasure! I remember being thrilled as a kid whenever this happened to come on television. I loved it then and I certainly have retained loyalty. Everything works so well together, the animation and the lovely voices. I am certain this will be a favourite of all who view it.” — piaka, 9 Mar 2011

  • freemanor

    “I loved this. Makes me think of my Dad who use to ride the logs. Freemanor” — freemanor, 4 Mar 2011

  • lesty

    “Thanks for the tip Matrix I was thinking something might be possible, time to open Opera. I still hope they add download links though to make it easier for everyone.” — lesty, 26 Jan 2010


    “lesty: All video are technically "downloaded" onto your computer before you can view them. You can save any video you view by going through your browser's cache and finding the corresponding file (method for doing so will differ from browser to browser--I personally use Opera and there's a "cache" folder inside the application profile folder).” —, 25 Jan 2010

  • lesty

    “Is there going to be a direct download of this? I'd take it in the FLV format its already in or more preferably a XviD AVI file. You could use bittorrent to keep bandwidth costs down. I understand that you need to generate revenue but since this is only 3 minutes long is there a possibility of a download?” — lesty, 25 Jan 2010

  • filmsy

    “Thank You Kate, The lads on the river.” — filmsy, 21 Jan 2010

  • trying

    “Rest in peace Kate McGarrigle. You may be gone but never forgotten.” — trying, 21 Jan 2010

  • Richard_Toronto

    “@canDarian: I'm not sure why you think people have to pay for this, but you're mistaken. Also, are you really sure your grandfather wouldn't be proud to say that he's part of a NFB film/song that has literally been burned into the cultural fabric of this country, money or not?” — Richard_Toronto, 20 Jan 2010

  • dcnguyen

    “Rest in peace Log Driver's Waltzer Kate McGarrigle. You will be missed.” — dcnguyen, 19 Jan 2010

  • Lynne from NS

    “canDarian, My family were involved with the log drive in Quebec/Northern New Brunswick and I'd LOVE to see my grandfather on this film clip. Where was your grandfather working the drive?” — Lynne from NS, 19 Jan 2010

  • Julie Matlin

    “@canDarian - We're sorry if this film upsets you in some way, but please note that we are not charging any fees for viewing this film online. In fact, the reason we've put all these films online is to make them accessible to Canadians, and people all over the world, at no charge. This film IS a Canadian classic, and that's why we're so proud to be able to share it with the world. If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at ” — Julie Matlin, 13 Jan 2010

  • canDarian

    “My grandfather is in that reel and you besmirch his memory, by charging a fee,disgusting.” — canDarian, 12 Jan 2010

  • canDarian

    “This goes against everything that is Canadian and everything that I was brought up on,I know you hsve a right to make money off of the video but it doesn't make it right,and we all know it. This video isn't yours it's Canada's and every person that loves Canada.” — canDarian, 12 Jan 2010

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