Little Armadillos

In this zany animated short, the universe is just one very big--and very small--dance of life. Did you know that there are approximately 5 billion tiny armadillo-like mites and bacteria roaming around your body? When you think about it, our planet is blessed with a similar population. From the microscopic world of our personal fauna to the macroscopic beauty of the cosmos, Little Armadillos explores interconnectedness of worlds both large and small.

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John Forrest
director of animation
Debra Dawson
George Johnson
song composer
John Forrest
Wayne Morris
Debra Dawson
Sean Newton
special effects
Shelley McIntosh
character design
Debra Dawson
character voice
Doug Parker
Lee Tockar
Kathy Whytock
sound effects editor
Dan Gagnon
sound mixer
Shawn Pierce
sound design
MX Solutions Inc.
executive producer
Svend-Erik Eriksen


  • Felipe_Carrelli

    “Funny way to show the nano and macro world! Totally agree with the cicle metaphora! hahah!” — Felipe_Carrelli, 8 Dec 2011

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