Life on Victor Street (Clip 2)

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This short documentary depicts an Aboriginal Winnipeg teen’s struggle to stay in school and away from local gangs. Filmed over 2 years, the film is a moving portrait of one family trying to break the cycle of addiction, violence and poverty in an environment filled with anger and despair.


Kirby Hammond
Kirby Hammond
Bonnie Thompson
Joni Church
Erika MacPherson
director of photography
Kirby Hammond
location sound recording
Kirby Hammond
sound design
Howard Rissin
Howard Rissin
executive producer
David Christensen


  • Familylove

    “I am Aboriginal.Ive seen Aboriginal people all over the world.They are still suffering horror today yet they are way more caring&selfless than we are in Canada.We can't stay victims! It's like drinking poison ourselves but expecting things to get better. Before Chief Seattle was executed, his last words to Aboriginal people were: "Our people will never stand unless we become concerned with the rights&civil libteries of ALL people & NOT just for ourselves." Miigwech, Ekose.” — Familylove, 11 Jul 2013

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