• Jean Detheux,
  • ,
  • 9 min 22 s

This abstract film, full of rich colours and textures, was created thanks to an inventive use of digital technology. It grew out of an unusual process of interchange between the painter Jean Detheux and the composer Jean Derome. The result is a rare meeting of images and music. What we get is an intense meditation on a world in constant renewal, where every form that emerges is immediately engulfed by the next one. It constitutes a sort of diptych with the film Rupture, which follows. A film without words.


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Film Credits

Jean Detheux
Jean Detheux
original music
Jean Derome
digital imaging specialist
Susan Gourley
Pierre Plouffe
Fernand BĂ©langer
sound recording
Robert Langlois
Geoffrey Mitchell
Marcel Jean

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