A documentary about the self-taught painter William Kurelek, told through his paintings. There are scenes of village life in the Ukraine and the early days of struggle on a prairie homestead and the growing comfort of family life. In Ontario, Kurelek paints the present life of Canada with the same pleasure he painted the old.

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William Pettigrew
William Pettigrew
Robert Verrall
Tom Daly
executive producer
Tom Daly
John Sims
William Kurelek
animation camera
Wayne Trickett
Kjeld Nielsen
sound editing
Pierre Bernier
Ron Alexander
Roger Lamoureux
Richard Gilbert
Robert Fleming


  • cebfleming

    “In response to the question concerning the bass clarinet player, my hunch is that it would would have been Rodolfo Masella. He was one of seven musician brothers from Montréal, several of whom were regularly engaged by my father Robert Fleming, the composer of the music in this film, for NFB recording sessions. His principal instrument was the bassoon.” — cebfleming, 7 Sep 2013

  • imundy

    “Reminds me of growing up reading "A Prairie Boy's Summer" and "Winter" and a "Northern Nativity."” — imundy, 14 Dec 2012

  • MoJaDaKa

    “I came across this yesterday and have enjoyed it greatly and mentioned it to a number of other people. Thank you for posting it — and for making it. Is there any way to find out who the wonderful bass clarinet player was?” — MoJaDaKa, 7 Aug 2011

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