Kainayssini Imanistaisiwa: The People Go On

This feature documentary pays a visit to the home of the Kainai Blood Indians in southern Alberta. Exploring the significance of land, memory and knowledge in Kainai life, the film focuses on the return of the Kainai’s belongings, which had been collected by Europeans during colonial times. As the community's elders examine the objects and share stories first-hand, they reveal how the rich threads of Kainai life thrive from one generation to the next. The film is an eloquent testament to Kainai history, governance and existence.


Loretta Todd
Loretta Todd
Rosie Day Rider
Louise Crop Eared Wolf
Annabel Crop Eared Wolf
Frank Weasel Head
Louis Soop
Leroy Little Bear
Narcisse Blood
Josh Mountain Horse
Jonathan King
Mary Stella Bare Skin Bone
Arni Brownstone
Adam Delanay
Alfreda Delanay
Winston Day Chief
Celina Goodstriker
Rufus Goodstriker
Rosie Red Crow
Pete Standing Alone
Bruce Wolf Child
Kirsten Buckskin
Alyssha Cross Child
Brandy Little Bear
Tasha No Runner
Amethyst First Rider
Nadine Tailfeathers
Garret Tailfeathers
Cammie Fox
Keelie Goodstriker
director of photography
René Sioui Labelle
Shirley Claydon
original music
Wesley Lowe
sound recordist
Don Howell
Igal Petel
re-recording mixer
Iain Pattison
Kelly Cole
Bonnie Thompson
executive producer
Graydon McCrea