This full-length documentary offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at our national sport, hockey. Taking in an entire season of the Baie-Comeau Drakkar, this film reveals the daily lives of players and managers on this Quebec Major Junior Hockey League team.

Admired and treated like professionals, junior hockey players are teenagers absorbed by their future. Trainers, shareholders, agents, scouts and parents: all eyes are fixed on these elite young players, even though only a tiny number of them will succeed in playing at the highest level.

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Benjamin Breault
Christian Daigle
Michel Morissette
Éric Dubois
Éric Messier
Jean-Pierre Lareau
Ryan James Hand
François Bouchard
Alexandre Picard-Hooper
Jonathan Duchesneau
Michel Laroque
Jacques Tremblay
Pierre Parent
Denis Leblanc
Marcel Marsolais
Patrick Lowe
Alex Lamontagne
Ryan Lehr
Gilles Côté
Brian St-Louis
Isabelle Lavigne
Stéphane Thibault
Isabelle Lavigne
Stéphane Thibault
Isabelle Lavigne
Stéphane Thibault
Stéphane Thibault
location sound
Isabelle Lavigne
René Roberge
sound design
Daniel Toussaint
Stéphane Cadotte
Shelley Craig
Jean Paul Vialard
Johanne Bergeron
Yves Bisaillon
executive producer
Yves Bisaillon


  • “Feature is missed spelled,could you correct it?” — proplumb, 10 Jan 2012

  • “I liked this feature. I am surprised there is not more as Canada is hockey crazy. Not alot of coaches would let let you see inside, their world. If you really want an eye opener, then go to elite minor hockey and see what some people will do to get their sons on the team. ” — proplumb, 10 Jan 2012

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