Journey to Oblivion: The Empress of Ireland Story

This feature documentary delves into the story of the Empress of Ireland, an ill-fated ocean liner that sank in the Saint Lawrence River following a collision with another ship in the early hours of May 29th, 1914. Of the 1,477 people on the ship, 1,012 died in one of history's greatest maritime disasters. This film is essential viewing for nautical and history buffs, and features footage of contemporary divers taking risky plunges into the frigid waters of the Saint Lawrence to rescue the Empress' undersea remains from oblivion.

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Film Credits

Michel T. Prévost
Alain Vézina
Alain Vézina
Marc Plana
original music
Réjean Doyon
Luc Pilon
Alain Éthier
Normand Germain
Jean Kavanagh
Jean-Luc Potvin
sound recording
Jean-Luc Potvin
Pascal Van Strydonck
3D animation
Jean-Luc Potvin
Éric Senécal
historical consultant
David Saint-Pierre
David Zeni
Guy D'Astous
Derek Grout
Marc Hardenne
Ken Marschall
Joe Saward
Dany St-Cyr
David Saint-Pierre
Harold Smyth
Claude Villeneuve
David Zeni
narration sound recording
Daniel Clot
Jean-François Morasse
sound effects editing
Jean-François Morasse
Jean-François Morasse
Alain Essiembre
Michel T. Prévost
Alain Vézina

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