Joseph Howe: The Tribune of Nova Scotia

This short drama is a portrait of Nova Scotian journalist and politician Joseph Howe (1804-1873) and his battle for freedom of press. When, in 1835, Howe was accused of seditious libel, no lawyer dared defend him. Choosing to defend himself, he addressed the jury for over 6 hours, urging jurors to leave an unshackled press as a legacy to their children. Though the judge instructed the jury to find Howe guilty, jurors took only 10 minutes to acquit him - a landmark event in the evolution of press freedom in Canada.

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Film Credits

Julian Biggs
Julian Biggs
executive producer
Guy Glover
Joseph Schull
John Gunn
Leo O'Donnell
sound editing
Kathleen Shannon
Ron Alexander
James Barron
Ursula Dapery
William Ferguson
Art Samuels
Henry Gamer
Basil Schapiro
John Tregale

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