Jean Giguère: The Measure of a Place

This short film profiles Jean Giguère, a lifelong volunteer and champion for the arts. Giguère has witnessed the transformative power of the arts in our society—an experience that’s enriched her life immeasurably. Jean Giguère: The Measure of a Place offers a creative representation of Giguère’s arts community and celebrates her particular brand of volunteerism—one marked by humour, compassion and a dedication to changing the world. 

This film was produced by the NFB in co-operation with the National Arts Centre and the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Foundation on the occasion of the 2014 Governor General's Performing Arts Awards.


Deco Dawson
Deco Dawson
Alicia Smith
Jean Giguère
director of photography
Deco Dawson
camera operator
Josh Marr
soundtrack composer
Paul Shrofel
production designer
Deco Dawson
art direction
Sharon Johnson
Curtis Wiebe
sound recordist
Deco Dawson
audio editor
Paul Shrofel
sound mix engineer
Andrew Yankiwski
picture editor
Deco Dawson
Lisa Kehler
executive producer
David Christensen