Inhale Exhale

This short documentary filmed at Saint Boniface General Hospital, in Manitoba, focuses on the work of 2 women: Gisèle Fontaine, who helps women in childbirth; and Louise Saurette, who attends the dying. Birth and death, moments of transition that involve a transformative journey, have much in common. The midwife and the chaplain offer themselves as guides on the painful and essential path of letting go.

This documentary short was produced as part of the Tremplin program, which enables young Francophone filmmakers to make a first production in a professional context.

Film Credits

Gisèle Fontaine
Louise Saurette
Doreen Wright
Collette Luik
Mark Luik
Phélan Luik
Gerry Ward
Ronald Chartrand
Douglas R. Kellough
Esther A. Durksen
Kendra Klassen
Agathe Bisson
Breanne Drury
Colleen Johnson
Jodi Andersson
Rhonda Manaigre
Anna Fedorowicz
Danielle Sturk
Danielle Sturk
Danielle Sturk
director of photography
Claude Savard
Norman Dugas
Jay Garuk
Petra Valier
sound design
Daniel Toussaint
sound editing
Daniel Toussaint
original music
Gérald Laroche
Geoffrey Mitchell
Anne-Marie Rocher
executive producer
Jacques Turgeon

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