In the Labyrinth

A film without commentary in which multiple images, sometimes complementary, sometimes contrasting, draw the viewer through the different stages of a labyrinth. The tone of the film moves from great joy to wrenching sorrow; from stark simplicity to ceremonial pomp. It is life as it is lived by the people of the world, each one, as the film suggests, in a personal labyrinth.

In the Labyrinth was first released as a multi-screen presentation for Chamber III of the Labyrinth at Expo 67. These separate images were integrated into a single strand of film, using a "five-on-one" cinematic technique.

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  • Bro. John

    “Brilliant!Thanks for presenting this in its original format. It is a wonderful tribute to Roman Kroiter, Colin Low and Hugh O'Connor. Bro. John” — Bro. John, 20 Sep 2012

  • MvanGageldonk

    “Yes, 720p is broken it seems, too bad because this film really requires a decent resolution....” — MvanGageldonk, 18 Sep 2012

  • hansmark

    “we can't purchase a download of this? or watch it in 720? (doesn't seem to work) I would SO buy a blu-ray if you made one!! thank you!” — hansmark, 17 Sep 2012

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Film Credits

Roman Kroitor
Colin Low
Hugh O'Connor
Tom Daly
Roman Kroitor
Michel Thomas-d'Hoste
Walter Lassally
Gilles Gascon
Georges Dufaux
V.V. Dombrovsky
Alex O. Krasnov
Edward T. Haley
Tom Daly
sound editing
Tom Daly
Edward T. Haley
Michel Descombes
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Eldon Rathburn

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