In the Flesh

Male, Female, Man, Woman. In this provocative documentary, director Gordon McLennan challenges the rigid conventions that accompany these labels. Introducing us to four very different people who are transsexuals, he explores traditional assumptions about gender and what happens when a person's inner sense of identity conflicts with society's expectations. Rose, Mirha, Peter and Chris speak frankly about sexuality, relationships, family and self. They also discuss the need for social support for transsexuals and for tolerance and equality. Most importantly, they talk about healing. This film is an inspiring look at how these individuals are trying to gain control of their lives in all aspects: in the mind, in the heart and in the flesh. Warning: Contains nudity and coarse language.


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Film Credits

Gordon McLennan
Joe MacDonald
Joan Hutton
Mark Dobrescu
Ken Krawczyk
Dean Evans
location sound
Brian Dupuis
Mike Saunders
sound editor
Patrick Butler
Cary Ciesielski

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