The Impresario

The Impresario

Walter Homburger helped bring Glenn Gould and a succession of other great musicians to the attention of the world. Using shadow puppets and silhouettes, this short documentary captures the irrepressible spirit of a great impresario, manager and orchestra administrator who has devoted his life to furthering classical music in Canada.

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Anita Doron
Anita Doron
Anita Doron
Anita Lee
Michael Donato
Dylan Authors
Warren Kimmel
Amy Rutherford
director of photography
Samy Inayeh
production designer
Andrew Berry
costume designer
Thea Barber
makeup artist
Nina Stephen
sound recordist
Sanjay Mehta
sound editing
Pino Halili
sound design
Pino Halili
re-recording mixer
Matthew Harrold
visual research
Sylvia Mezei
senior producer
Gerry Flahive
executive producer
Silva Basmajian


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