The Hungry Squid

In this animated short, Oscar® winner John Weldon (Special Delivery) spins a tall tale about young Dorothy and her myriad troubles: absentee parents, bad hair and a menagerie that devours her homework. But when her pet squid rampages through town and people finally realize that the homework-eating creatures aren't a figment of her imagination, Dorothy realizes that it's time to get the situation under control.

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Film Credits

John Weldon
John Weldon
John Weldon
puppet design
Lilian Kruip
costume design
Lilian Kruip
digital imaging specialist
Pierre Plouffe
Derek McGrath
original music
Chris Crilly
sound editing
Chris Crilly
Andy Malcolm
Goro Koyama
Serge Boivin
Shelley Craig
executive producer
David Verrall
Marcy Page

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  • Elric

    “hmm i love this film but i can't seem to view in hd, same with all hd films on NFB, the buffer freezes , so frustrating when i have a top spec quad core pc ;(” — Elric, 23 Jun 2010

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